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Putting your best foot forward

January 24 2015, 10:28 pm

Young people are so lucky to have these opportunities today: Auditions!!!

I don't remember anything like this being around in my days. That opportunity to share your talent, passion and desire in a certain genre. That opportunity to talk about yourself, your goals and challenges you want to take on. My first experience in trying to sell myself was an interview I went for as a high school student for teachers college. Interestingly, I sent for the files from that interview and they describe in detail what I was wearing. That "first impression" is so so important and as a performer its even more vital. Can you grab the audience's attention in the first few lines of the song? When you walk on to the stage what does the audience see and think? On "the voice" when four chairs turn after hearing one line you see that instant connection between performer and audience (judges). That is magic!!!

Every audition is an experience and a chance to learn and prepare for the next. These experiences are the steps of your journey that can make the next step easier.

PAC director

Show feedback

January 11 2015, 9:03 pm

It's always great to reflect at the beginning of a new year and remind ourselves what it is that our audience values.

One audience member commented "Amazing talent grouped together" while another 
mentioned that she saw some unique acts that she would not usually go out to see and loved them.

It's great that members of the audience notice that performers rise to the challenge of trying new directions with their performing.The quality of our performers is acknowledged in comments like "Man those dancers were good- they told a story with their expressions."

This is the feedback we relish "Loved the surprises and unexpected- true variety." The recurring comment after our shows has been; "Incredible variety- just goes to show what New Plymouth has to offer their own community".

Thanks to all our supporters and particularly those who give us such valuable feedback.

PAC Director

Troupe community gigs

November 10 2014, 5:33 pm

Last visit to Rhapsody home for the Highlands Intermediate Performing Arts Troupe in November. Great opportunity to end with an interactive act, sharing our percussion instruments with the residents and staff. Eva said her monologue, Sarah and Arwyn played the piano while Hannah played a ukelele medley.Such a multi talented group guaranteeing a variety of performances.

Tribal fusion models

November 10 2014, 5:28 pm

Really enjoyed working with the models and plan to audition for more in the new year. Collective now has a gorgeous range of costumes and some great hairdressers and makeup artists to liaise with too.

Garden Festival gig

November 10 2014, 5:19 pm

Hurworth Cottage on Carrington street New Plymouth.

Stunning day in a gorgeous setting. Our first outdoor venue for the summer.Four young singers from the collective entertained the crowd enjoying the gardens as part of the Garden festival.