Performing Arts Collective

A multi-genre, multi-cultural and family oriented not for profit organisation. We provide performance opportunities for local Taranaki talent as well as offer coaching support, networks and agency services.​


Out of the mouths of babes.

October 12 2016, 5:06 pm

Our first show with young ones was a huge success.They had heaps of costume changes and lots of different routines and songs to learn.It was also the first time we had performers in more that 4 acts in the show. Despite this, all acts went off without a hitch and they coped well with the audience laughing and clapping along. Layla-Jade, Lily and Karina were so so brave doing solo modelling routines but having 5year olds modelling certainly brought the cute factor to the stage.

For many it was their debut performance, their first experience of performing live before an audience.Performing alongside others helped their confidence.

What did they think of the show? "Awesome, we got to stay up late." "Fun, different to what I expected." What did they learn from the experience? "New dances and old songs." "That you don't need to be nervous- it's not that scary."

Eager to prepare for the next two gigs, they turned up for rehearsals refreshed from the holidays, some had even been practising on their own volition.Now to get competitive and earn their place on stage as there is limited numbers allowed to perform in limited acts. Who will show commitment and dedication? The key to a great performer!


The Performing Arts Collective regularly auditions singers, dancers, musicians, actors & models

We invite both new and experienced performers to join us. We ask a small annual membership fee to help cover operating costs and contribute towards venue and equipment hire—Students $20, Adults $50.


Tribal Fusion

A celebration of tribal song, dance and fashion.

Kultural Kaleidoscope

A feast of cultural acts with dance, song and fashion from many corners of the globe.

Country Commotion

Young Taranaki talent take a ride back in time with country classics.

Santa's Choice Fundraiser

Sharing classic and modern mid winter Xmas songs with supporters in a beautifully festive environment.

Up Up & Away

A World Tour Of Culture, Song & Dance


Introducing New Talent & Featuring Highlands Intermediate Performing Arts Troupe


Remember the 60s, 70s,and 80s when we’d listen to audio cassette music and rewind to replay those songs that we loved over and over again.

We offer a variety of opportunities for local performers of all disciplines.

Including photo shoots, fashion shows, business events, garden festivals, voice overs, radio adverts, city mall busking, speed dancing and vocal & drumming workshops.


Keri Elvin

Director, marketing manager & chairperson. Modelling coach & percussion tutor—Leader of "Afinca."

Lillian Visser

Secretary, front of house & photographer.

Athol Hockey

Vice Chairperson. Solo artist & member of “Original Bogtrotters.” Multi-instrumentalist.

Elicia Hitchcock

Committee member. Singer-songwriter, actress & emcee.

Ruijue Bai

Committee Member. Model, dancer.

Emily Julian

Committee Member, Singer, musician

Monique Matthews

Committee member, singer, actor

Maurice Elvin

Treasurer, Front of house, Videographer, Props

Contact Us

If you would like to arrange an audition or get involved behind the scenes with the collective feel free to get in touch any time. We also welcome any feedback you may have about our shows and events. We love hearing from you!

You can reach Keri at: